Well Water Testing

Water testing should be done annually, usually in the Spring, but anytime is fine. Rural areas in East Tennessee including surrounding areas of Knoxville and the Tri-Cities have their own water wells. We like the thought of having our own source of water but sometimes it is not fit to drink, even though it looks and tastes pure.

The EPA does not regulate private wells which means that there are no EPA testing requirements for wells. However, the buyer’s lending agency may require that well water pass a water quality inspection. Typically, this will include checking for bacteria, nitrate, and lead prior to approving a loan. Some state drinking water agencies may require well testing prior to sale which is a good idea in my opinion.

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Learn More about Potential Well Water Contaminants and Their Impacts

Weather your water is from a public or private source, we highly recommend having your water tested for a “Peace of Mind”. Effective Home Inspections of Tennessee LLC recommends having your water tested annually. Metals, nitrates and bacteria can get into your water supply and cause many different types of sickness to those who drink it.

Information from TN-Gov. about Well Water

Information from the EPA about Lead in drinking water