New Construction – Do I really need a Pre-Walk through Home Inspection?

Based on my experience, the answer is Yes. With the housing market having unprecedented low inventories, the current demand on new construction has skyrocketed. This demand has led to many experienced builders being booked for two or more years. With this scenario being the new norm, the perfect storm is set in motion. Families are looking to build a new home with high expectations and tight deadlines, but contactors are left with no other option but to use less than desired workers and sub-contractors. On top of the labor problem, material costs have increased dramatically leading to contractors cutting corners to profit more. For example, a building inspector may not mention that I-joist or LVL’s were improperly used in an exterior application such as a deck (see photo), or the attic space was missing the recommended amount of insulation. I have found more dangerous and severe defects in new construction than homes built 30 years ago. Remember, the cost for a home inspection is approximately .2% of the construction cost, so let me help ensure you and your family are as safe as possible when you move into your dream home.

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